India discloses serious cases as BJP unable to control COVID-19, Poverty

India discloses serious cases as BJP unable to control COVID-19, Poverty

There are about 9000 serious & critical cases in India out of a total COVID-19 infections of 173,500. This is a matter of concern as BJP fails to control the rapid spread of COVID-19 in India. However, the total number of COVID-19 deaths in India until today are about 5000. Within a short time the number of COVID-19 deaths will increase to a large number as serious cases will be added. This is so because most of the serious & critical cases in India will succumb to the severe impact of infections. And India discloses serious cases from today to the world.  

COVID-19 shouldn’t be taken lightly as increase of number of cases keeping India in the top 10 list. India recently overtook Turkey and has concern to be in the ninth position. USA continues to be in the first position in the most number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. India is not only troubled with COVID-19 but also the poor people in India suffering with hunger.

There’s no cure or solution from the BJP govt to help out the poor people. Daily wage workers in India are large in numbers and are suffering a lot. India discloses serious cases at present in order to gain sympathy from across the world. World bank also released huge loan amount for India to fight against poverty and COVID-19. Again it’s no good that BJP continuing to play politics in each and every issue.

Khalid M Raza

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