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Preity Zinta with COVID-19 prefers to be home quarantined for longtime

Preity Zinta with COVID-19 prefers to be home quarantined for longtime

She is an actor, producer, writer & entrepreneur as well as a cricket fan like her own IPL franchisee players. Preity Zinta with COVID-19 around preferring to be at home as much as possible. Earlier, she also wished her Eid greetings to all Indians. She also spoke about the menstrual hygiene day on May 28. Unlike other actors, who prefer to drink a lot when they’ve no work, the pretty lady prefers to stay at home. She’s busy taking care of her own health and staying safe at home.

Preity Zinta with COVID-19 initiative spoke to all her fans. She told on twitter early this year to stay at home and focus on health and be honest with health problems. Now she’s going through a bad phase as all the Bollywood actors going through.

Their films aren’t releasing and they don’t have much work to do. Katrina Kaif a couple of months back gone gaga with her video claiming that she’s doing all her house chores. She was cleaning her home too but Preity Zinta is quite different from the rest. The lady is famous for her IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab is battling with the virus in a fitting manner.

Most of her favorite delicacies include Chicken Corn Soup and vegetable curries including dal. She also likes Sarson ka saag and many more Indian dishes including Italian and Thai. Indonesian dishes are also her favorites. Preity Zinta prefers to be safe and wants to stay at home as long as possible. She never goes out even for walking. She’s doing her exercise too at her home. This makes sense that she’s home quarantined to be stricter on her diet control too. So, Preity Zinta is fit & fine.

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