Thunder showers in Hyd brought no relief to people as old city suffered

Thunder showers in Hyd brought no relief to people as old city suffered

Thunder showers in Hyderabad today allowed people to be indoor all the day. But high humidity and lot of heat inside homes troubled the people of old city more. This is so because old city still under power shutdown since 3 hours. People in Hyderabad are still battling with hot summer at homes. The people of Hyderabad optimistically thought they would get some relief from the thunder showers.

However, humidity caused them sweat a lot in these conditions of too much severe summer. Old city people are most affected as power supply interrupted for a long time and still no power. The good news is that there would be early monsoon or early rains in Hyderabad and Telangana State.

Roads are filled with water and people have to remain indoor because of heavy rainfall. This is good for sometime as Hyderabad people believe in moving out even for small or less important shopping. They’ve no idea of keeping themselves restricted with the lock down.

It’s always better to never come out of homes until few months as all India lock down finishes today. People of India shouldn’t think that May 31 is the last day of the lock down because the more they’re at homes the more they’ll be safe.

Even if the lock down never extends the people of India should try to remain at homes. The more they stay at homes the more safer they’ll be from COVID-19. If they go out of homes for silly things then it would be likely that half of India’s population will be affected from COVID-19 until Dec, 2020. The reports from foreign media including Saudi Gazette say that COVID-19 will cover half of India’s population. Thunder showers are just passing away now.

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