Arnab Goswami supports BJP directly on Social media even as TV anchor why?

Arnab Goswami supports BJP directly on Social media even as TV anchor why?

Disgraced Arnab Goswami supports BJP through his Social media accounts directly. This is a cause of concern as how an anchor of TV channel can support one party. Do this not mean that he’s corrupt and serves BJP for getting paid? He in his social media in the recent times supported BJP and called upon Hindus to spoil secularism in India. Arnab Goswami can go to any extent for making money.

And for his role in the “dividing Indians policy” of BJP. TV media diverts the attention of millions of people and this trend needs to be stopped. It can then take India towards destruction. So, people like Arnab Goswami needs to be in prison for a long time to learn the lesson of justice.

There will be a proper justice if he finds himself in jail. This is so because Indians have to live together peacefully and they should never become victims of hatred. The hatred inciting people always will be safe and they’ll have luxury lives. But division on the name of religion is worrisome.

Why Arnab Goswami supports BJP? 

When the Tablighi Jamaat people were interviewed then Arnab Goswami repeatedly told them to lower their voice. He spoke so loudly and blamed the people from Tablighi Jamaat even then it was proved that they were innocents. They were allowed entry to India and were kept locked in the Markaz as “lock down” initiated. Some of them went missing. And the truth had come out sooner than later that they were not infected from COVID-19. Troubled Tablighi Jamaat people had to face lot of hurdles as they were quarantined even without basic facilities. 

Arnab Goswami is freely working for TV and creating fake news reports again. What’s the reason behind Arnab to live freely without any worry of living in prison? He also accused Congress head Sonia Gandhi for killing of Sadhus in the attack, a couple of months back. Many FIRs were lodged against this man for his hateful reporting for dividing Indians. But Arnab Goswami supports BJP directly. And his role never ended even though he was scared of jail. BJP had come to his rescue and this is unfair.

Khalid M Raza

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