India to report correct COVID 19 data for requirement of vaccine

India to report correct COVID 19 data for requirement of vaccine

India to report correct figures of COVID 19 cases as requirement of vaccine from foreign countries in future can make sense. Currently, India enjoys 7th position on the top 10 list of most infected countries from COVID 19. The major concern for India will be when vaccine or treatment of COVID 19 develops. If India continues to provide fake COVID 19 data then the situation in the future will be tense. India to report or not the number of serious cases of COVID 19 correctly but India should be wise in reporting number of cases.  

India stands at the moment with number of COVID 19 or Coronavirus cases touching 200 thousand. Number of deaths similar to those of Russia. Russia is in top 3 and is third most affected country in the World. Almost the entire World is troubled with COVID 19 and the time to think wisely matters. So, India to report correct COVID 19 data would benefit Indians for the treatment of this infection.

COVID 19 is pandemic. The Virus started to dominate the World from China as its main land. The Virus landed in China first because of the food habits of the Chinese. They consume whatever they want to. Chinese also never spare snakes and reptiles. They enjoy their most unusual food habits in the World.

There’s lot to make sense in future as the vaccine for COVID 19 will be developed in Western laboratories. It will be good if India to report the World about number of daily cases of COVID 19 accurately.

Khalid M Raza

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