Uncontrollable situation in USA as protesters even ignore curfew

Uncontrollable situation in USA as protesters even ignore curfew

Curfew in the USA imposed first time in a decade and it also not benefiting to keep situation peaceful. Protesters are ignoring the curfew and riots are increasingly becoming violent. The uncontrollable situation in USA is a major concern as President Donald Trump is worried too much. He was forced to hide when White House was also attacked. Protesters deeply hurt after George Floyd was murdered brutally.

They went berserk and are fearless to protest violently. This kind of protest never seen anywhere in the world against the police. Donald Trump govt took help from the secret service to calm down the protesters or punish them.  

President Trump’s life was in danger and he was hidden in the bunker for sometime. This step was taken to keep Donald Trump safe. The secret service rescued Donald Trump from the attackers. The reports claimed. Bunkers also can keep people safe in USA from the nuclear attacks or more severe attacks. These bunkers made in such a way that can keep any person safe from any attack.

Riots continue to be more violent in USA as uncontrollable situation in USA prevails. It’s a cause of concern for USA because of the brutality of one single police officer. Rioters taking their actions of retaliation for the intentional murder of George Floyd.

Khalid M Raza

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