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Do Criminals know what happens to them in this World and life after death?

Do Criminals know what happens to them in this World and life after death?

Criminals in this posts are also the terrorists living across the World. People of different religions follow the commands and worship the Lord of the Worlds in different ways. Those, who believe in misconceptions and myths or false gods or idols. And also those, who hate worshiping the Lord of the Worlds would be given joyful lives in this World. And they’ll get these pleasures of Worldly life if they’re doing good works for humanity and for the living beings.

Even though people might hate their religion and are disbelievers they’ll be provided with what they need. This is so because the Almighty is most Merciful and helps all those, who work hard in this World in a right way. However, criminals including the most big sinners like the terrorists will have a dreadful life in both Worlds. This World and the World after their death.


Terrorists and criminals spread across all the countries. And they never know what will happen to them sooner or later. Often in this World, it was reported that terrorists have no religion. And the criminals are the people, who keep hatred with other nations or group of other people. The lives of the criminals will be worst in this World and the life after their death. The logic behind this is very short and quick to understand. Creator of the Worlds or the Almighty God created the mankind for them to follow a righteous path.

This way they could work hard and be thankful to their Lord including worshiping and believing in the Unseen. Whoever does good benefits himself or herself and whoever does bad then he or she harms himself or herself. This harm will be worst in the life after death if the people never refrain from bad.

Khalid M Raza

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