Protester runs away from jaws of death of police in US as video goes viral

Protester runs away from jaws of death of police in US as video goes viral

A Video gone viral on social media claiming that a protester runs away so fast that police couldn’t catch him. He fled from the jaws of death when the police started firing at him as he tried to flee away. However, he successfully managed to run away even though the police fired several bullets at him. The following video shows what we at In Hand Writer come across: See at the end of this post.

The protests in the United States started after the brutal murder of George Floyd, an African – American man. All the streets across all cities in the United States are still filled up with protesters. They’re in a rampage for mass destruction in the US. Police finds the situation uncontrollable. President Trump since then abused and criticized as he termed the protesters managed professionally. This statement caused him to hide in the bunker for a while.

Later, President Donald Trump realized that he needs to act lawfully. And he said United States will take this matter with the jurisdiction and condemned the rioters and not the protesters. Riots continue to destruct United States despite the deployment of curfew.

The protesters ignored the curfew and become violent as one of the protester runs away from the hands of the police as he was arrested. The police even fired bullets at him but he ran away and saved his life. He was so quick that the police was shocked over his sense of reaction and he successfully deceived the police in the United States.

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