Protests lead to rise of fall of America even if Donald Trump wins or loses

Protests lead to rise of fall of America even if Donald Trump wins or loses

Donald Trump was licking his fingers until the brutal incident of the murder of George Floyd shocked entire World. Different communities in America have different opinions but most of them condemn the violent ongoing protests. Rise of fall of America is inevitable as Donald Trump continues to lead the World’s Super Power. He’s childish as some say and yet racist according to some experts.

We believe Americans never bother to think about the famous words like “Every rise has a fall”. Donald Trump thinks that he could win elections easily again as he’s desperately looking forward.

The strategies of Donald Trump might lead towards the end of his era. But his leadership is worrisome and that can make most of the Americans to believe in the ongoing situation of protests. The leaders that America needs are the leaders, who try to make lives in America easier. Non Violence in America never supports the rise of fall of America.

And an able and capable leader can take America towards more good and more progress. The heights that America reached were spoiled recently. Spoiler of progressive America is their President Donald Trump according to some more experts.

Protests in USA not that Panicky

We believe America needs to be a nation to help all mankind across the World. Helping the fight against poverty around the World should come from the United States substantially. Previous American leaders only bothered about terrorism too much. And they claimed many innocent lives with their wrong intentions or wrong decisions.

They fooled the World and continue to do so. Currently the protests in the United States doing the rounds to make President Donald Trump confused. The President wants to use the Military force and many other sources to stop the protests. However, his frequent tweets on the giant social media not going to help him more.

Today’s World thinks practically and wants practical results and never supports the visionary leaders. This is so because people know the intentions of their leaders and how they can make lives easier in their respective countries. America when fought against Afghanistan and many other poor countries had to face some trouble.

Why America troubled in Afghanistan as a peaceful resolution with the Taliban was required to save America? Questions are too many with this question to answer. But, our main focus is the benefit to the World from a progressed America. And this will never happen. Thus, the protests will lead towards opening the eyes of people around the World. And can lead to the rise of fall of America.

Khalid M Raza

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