Cow Urine benefits Hindus only to cure health problems say Hindu Pundits

Cow Urine benefits Hindus only to cure health problems say Hindu Pundits

It was reported to In Hand Writer on Friday about the benefits of Cow Urine as Hindus treat Cow sacred. And a photo journalist approached few Hindu Pundits to know about Cow Urine benefits. And he when reported this news to us, we were shocked and couldn’t believe. Later, we consulted a Hindu doctor in our locality. She told that there are lots of benefits that Cow Urine even with the most contaminated bacteria can provide. She also took a note of the report and suggested us to publish it this way.  

However, most of the Indians including educated Hindus believe that Cow Urine is harmful. But some Hindu Pundits claimed Cow Urine as a sacred drink. Cow Urine and Cow dung should be consumed as per their suggestions to benefit health. They suggested that 1 glass of Cow Urine needs to be taken empty stomach and 1 glass before one sleeps at night.

This can be taken regularly or one can discontinue after three weeks immediately. He or she will be benefited with strengths including high potency and much more. Children also considered to be given similar doses of Cow Urine. Reports also coming in that we’re not sure of as they’re yet to be confirmed. These reports claim that BJP leaders including PM Narendra Modi want people of India to drink Cow urine for fighting against COVID-19.

Earlier this year it was also reported that Police dismissed some Cow Urine parties. Police took strong action against some Hindus, who went on to make people drink Cow Urine. They claimed Cow Urine benefits health. However, Muslims also not allowed to consume Cow Urine or Cow dung because Islam considers Cow Urine or Cow dung as haraam.

Khalid M Raza

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