Another COVID 19 lockdown not likely as tax payers money beefs up BJP

Another COVID 19 lockdown not likely as tax payers money beefs up BJP

Businesses of all kinds and of all types resumed functioning only to pay taxes as there’s no foot falls. The Business owners bearing losses but are still optimistic to wait for couple of months. They’re running their businesses on losses and the possibility of another COVID 19 lockdown is not likely to happen. BJP gained much without helping the poor people in India. They’ve done their bit as expected as they distributed rice etc., to the poor people.

But, these are not even their basic needs as the poor people in India demand at least Rs 100 daily. However, lockdown is over and the poor people and the rich are busy with their schedule. The middle class is most affected with joblessness.  

BJP govt never looks down and the faces of the BJP leaders always up to look after the rich. This is their policy and they win elections after elections with the tactics that are so simple. Just blame Pakistan or trouble the minorities to please the rich and the poor BJP followers. They don’t need much publicity at present as their followers are still their followers and no changes found.  

Another COVID 19 lockdown not likely even if COVID 19 cases make India stand at fourth or fifth position in the world. Number of COVID 19 cases are alarmingly increasing in India. Yet, the BJP govt is not concerned about the mass spread of the pandemic. They’re only concerned about the elections and they’re in Bihar for contesting more criminal candidates.

It’s highly advisable that all Indians should be more careful and stay at homes for longtime. This is a critical phase and it will pass away soon.

Khalid M Raza

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