Lies of BJP exposed before their election campaigning begins in Bihar

Lies of BJP exposed before their election campaigning begins in Bihar

Frequent lies of BJP leaders including PM Narendra Modi exposed more often. But the followers of BJP never bothered over the fake stories. Time has come to discuss about lies of BJP in detail as fake stories still coming in. Firstly, BJP promised earlier in 2014 that they’ll deposit 15 lac in every Indian’s bank account. Since then experts started noticing many false promises and termed BJP leaders as “Jumle Baaz”. “Jumle Baaz” means the one, who only speaks and never fulfills the promises he makes. Thereupon, Narendra Modi used to be called as “Jumle Baaz”. So, lies of BJP exposed and have to be more.  

Only some illogical promises made in their manifesto were fulfilled as no one benefited with those promises. BJP wanted to abrogate article 370 from Kashmir and they did so with carrying out atrocities over Kashmir people. Imposed curfew in the Valley and lifted Internet too.

Then again another promise the BJP fulfilled is of “Triple Talaq”. They boasted a lot over this issue that nobody except the Muslims understand the “Triple Talaq” logic. And so Muslims in India were quite. Another promise of no use is the construction of Ram Temple. Lies of BJP kept the followers and the Supreme Court of India silent because they believed what BJP claimed.  

Some More Facts 

Home Minister Amit Shah always involved in creating hatred in the minds of majority against minorities. This is not the solo reason why BJP won again? And also BJP used to talk more about India’s enemy country Pakistan. Pakistan’s current Prime Minister Imran Khan ignored India’s lost battle at Balakot when Pakistan captured India’s pilot. And handed the Wing Commander or you can say pilot Abhinandan Vardhaman to India as a peace gesture. Since then more lies of BJP exposed. They only damaged trees in Balakot while they kept on saying lies that they killed 325 terrorists in the terror camp.  

More Lies of BJP Exposed

Amit Shah as Union Home Minister told that in just 1 month he’ll construct Ram Temple over the demolished Babri Masjid structure. He did not said any word on the delay of the construction of Ram Temple. Now, he’s hiding and speaking from behind.  

Tablighi Jamat was blamed ruthlessly in early 2020. BJP took this advantage and spoiled the image of entire Muslim community as they kept on targeting Tablighi Jamat. Later on, it was known that the Tablighi Jamat did nothing wrong as they entered India without carrying Coronavirus or COVID-19.

They never did any illegal activities. And the nurse also revealed the facts and BJP was caught. Tablighi Jamat’s innocence was not highlighted even after they donated their plasma to save victims of the infectious disease. Still people talk all fake stories about Tablighi Jamat but lesser than what they used to 2 months back. The game plans with lies of BJP carried forward until today. The above lies of BJP are about 2% of what they spoke. And we’ll cover more in our next posts.

Khalid M Raza

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