Why AIMIM worked hard for Bihar elections to be held in Oct 2020?

Why AIMIM worked hard for Bihar elections to be held in Oct 2020?

Bihar elections to be held in October 2020 to elect 243 members of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. October 2020 is not too far. And why AIMIM worked hard and tried their best in Maharashtra earlier in 2019. However, AIMIM achieved something in Maharashtra and that was fortunately not favored BJP. BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) was so close to win Maharashtra while Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM worked hard for what?

AIMIM got few seats and might be looking for few more in Bihar too. But this will not benefit AIMIM (All India Majlis -Ittehadul – Muslameen). And if AIMIM continues similar election campaigning as they did in Maharashtra then BJP will be delighted. This means BJP will be happy over AIMIM contesting for Bihar elections.  

AIMIM Worked Hard for What? And More…

The Bihar term for assembly elected in 2015 will expire on November 29, 2020. Bihar will see a fight between JDU led NDA and RJD led UPA and among others there would be AIMIM. Well, there’s no mention from experts about what’s AIMIM’s purpose will be? The contest or fight will be between NDA and UPA. So, AIMIM comes in between to gain what?

Few more questions coming in the minds of the people as some people want AIMIM to win in Bihar. Winning or losing elections might not hurt AIMIM at all. It’s because AIMIM wants to grow and this way the party will be in a better position. But AIMIM worked hard for what and why?

There’s still three months in between for the Bihar Legislative Elections. And the battle will be between high ranked parties. The parties called as high ranked because of their ruling India. It makes sense for the contest to be between NDA (National Democratic Alliance) and UPA (United Progressive Alliance). BJP in Bihar might be in a losing position as they lost Jharkand. But could it be so as AIMIM comes in for their rescue? The game for major and minor parties is wide open.

Let’s watch blame game speeches from these parties to understand their intentions. AIMIM will not be held responsible for BJP’s victory in Bihar. This is so because AIMIM worked hard but for what? Again if we look closely then we’ll understand that AIMIM always remains in power for MP seat in Hyderabad. And this makes MP Asaduddin Owaisi to flex his muscles across other States.

Khalid M Raza

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