Narendra Modi for COVID-19 on Tuesday at 9 PM to stop COVID-19 Spreading

Narendra Modi for COVID-19 on Tuesday at 9 PM to stop COVID-19 Spreading

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi for COVID likely to speak to the nation on Tuesday at 9: PM. We’ve got this report before any other news channel publishes. It was also learned from our message to Narendra Modi for COVID that he may or may not speak any further on COVID-19 or Coronavirus. This is so because we haven’t got the reply yet but reports confirm the possibility of his 10 min speech.

You might be wondering that why we’re ready with this news post before anybody else? This is so because India is going through a very lean patch since BJP won elections again. And with pathetic strategies of divide and rule continued since 2014, it’s a crucial post.

Narendra Modi for COVID crises have not even provided essential necessities to the 85 Crore poor people in India. He talks about his achievements. And we’re aware that his false claims needs no explanation. His 10 min speech on Tuesday at 9: PM could be about practicing something that will not help to fight against COVID-19. He’ll say break the glass or something similar this time.

Previously Narendra Modi for COVID-19 crises requested the people of India to bang their utensils and create loud sounds. And later, he told to light candles and switch off the lights for 9 mins. This time again he will say or request us to do something similar.

If we be told to break glasses or mirrors then poor people will never find glasses or mirrors at their homes for breaking purpose. Let’s all think about the poor people in India and do not bother too much about our Prime Minister. He’s superstitious because of lack of education. Take precautions and avoid listening to him as he’s going through a bad phase.

Khalid M Raza

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