Thursday, February 22, 2024
Earthquake hits Gujarat destroys properties of businesses in a min

Earthquake hits Gujarat destroys properties of businesses in a min

Earthquake of high magnitude destroyed Gujarat’s Rajkot district on Sunday evening. Many parts of Gujarat hit with tremors and destroyed several businesses. Earthquake hits Gujarat as the state is still fighting with the novel Coronavirus. And various reports of Cyclone also continue to hit several parts of India during these times of the tragic pandemic. This sad tragic events continue to grip India for maybe some fault of the govt.

And as per bureau reports, the epicenter was close to Kutch district.

National Center reported that for Seismology (NCS), the earthquake took place 122 km north-northwest (NNW) of Rajkot in Gujarat. And in Gujarat at 8:13 pm some other parts too were affected. We’re waiting for further reports. This is not one but multiple calamities occurred in India after the violence in Delhi.

An Earthquake hits Gujarat to find immediate loss of lives and business properties. Again sadly the earthquake troubled India due to the loss of lives and properties. Maybe the BJP govt took lightly towards the natural disasters and were unprepared.

Twitter was hit with quick tweets that claim many reasons including the awful reactions. The reasons were quickly shared on Twitter as some of the people experienced the calamity. Some people also related the phenomenon with the ongoing issues in India. People discussing about Delhi violence and the cyclones immediately after an earthquake hits Gujarat.

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