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If Donald Trump loses then what happens to people from other countries?

If Donald Trump loses then what happens to people from other countries?

Reports coming in such a way that you’re now delighted and wouldn’t blink your eyes for a moment to read more. The reason for this report to come towards you is the frustration of Donald Trump that made us to write for you. If Donald Trump loses then things will always be the same for about an year. And India will be benefited with the loss of Trump govt. Trump has cheated Indians and a lot more disgusting things happened when he visited India early this year.

He told in his speech in India that he liked Pakistan and praised Pakistan’s efforts. Further, he fined India as a developing nation for bringing down India’s economy. He deceived Indians a lot. And he’ll continue to favor Americans more than people residing in America from other countries.

If Donald Trump plays his Trump card of pleasing the majority then he would most likely will be in control. However, Americans know him better now. And they would prefer the best candidate for America’s progress and not for America’s disaster.

The voting has been taken off and it suggests that Donald Trump will lose this time. The game is on and Indians and people from other countries residing in America will be delighted. This is so because Donald Trump will be out from the Presidential elections of USA. Thus, Indians and people of other countries would breath a sigh of relief soon.  

Trump Loses to Benefit India & Other Countries

The govt after Trump loses would be in control of Joe Biden. Joe Biden would prefer workers from foreign countries get equal or substantial benefits. He would prefer Indians and people from other countries to work for the progress of America. This report might confuse you a bit or more but it’s true that India’s not so close friend will be defeated. Donald Trump is not only India’s not so close friend but also the person, who deceived India against favoring Pakistan.

If Donald Trump loses and this is most likely then India will have a good role to play with new President Joe Biden. People from foreign countries will get benefits. The benefits will be to retain their status as workers and not as illegals. Only 2% of illegals since 3 decades were deported from America. And there still many illegals earning their bread and butter. So, illegal Indians and illegals from other countries will be deported if Donald Trump wins again.

Khalid M Raza

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