Vaccine for Coronavirus in September 2020 not likely as reported earlier

Vaccine for Coronavirus in September 2020 not likely as reported earlier

COVID-19 or Coronavirus is the much talked about health issue now as its awareness made it more dangerous. Yet people were told recently that vaccine for Coronavirus will come out soon in Sept 2020. This can take a longtime than expected say experts. And as they know the time that any new infectious disease can take to get eradicated for many reasons. The reason for the spread of Coronavirus is the amount of time spent outside of homes. So, it’s like open jail currently to live lives in a peculiar way.  

The way of life has been changed. And so the governments of many countries let free all their citizens out of lock downs. No more lock downs mean that more precautions to be taken. This will only help us to wait until the vaccine for Coronavirus made or discovered. It’s not that patients of Coronavirus aren’t recovered. It’s such that out of every hundred patients there are chances of 15 to 20 recovery cases. So, it’s not that dangerous as people say but to take precautions is our duty.  

Say Yes To Precautions

The more precautions we take, the more we’ll be protected from infection of the Virus. Study shows that old people are more vulnerable to this pandemic. But it’s not that clear that young people will not get this Virus easily. Yes, young people should also take good care and take precautions. So, it’s a myth that only old people will be infected. Or more chances for the old ones for infection with the Virus if they roam outdoor. Everyone needs to be indoor most of the time.

Is it not a horrible situation? Why not? Everyday wash hands, use sanitizers, wear masks and live worriedly when someone in your area gets infected. The game is on and so enjoy life being at homes most of the time.  

Vaccine for Coronavirus Takes How Long to Come Up?

It’s not possible for anyone to estimate exactly the time a vaccine for a new virus can take. It can be assumed that about 3-4 years or more can take if proper research work carried on. Living with Coronavirus with as much precautions as possible is the current way of life. There’s no excuse but to be at homes for longtime. This is a pandemic and it needs to be avoided to get in our bodies. And for this we need to be alert and follow the rules even if there’s no lock down in your country.  

Our lives changed and we must be used to take nothing for granted as we need to live with Coronavirus for longtime. And once the vaccine for Coronavirus comes our way then it’s good for us and good for the world’s economy. There’s no use in thinking about home remedies for treatment. If you find symptoms like dry cough, runny nose etc.

And more importantly shortness of breathing or uneasy breathing then visit a hospital immediately. Firstly you’ll find initial symptoms. And these are nothing but dry cough and runny nose. So, don’t wait until you find difficulty in breathing. Consult with the doctor and there are always 70% of chances for your recovery if your case is not critical.  

Vaccine for Coronavirus can come out in the market possibly within one year or two. But, it’s not exactly known how much time it will take? So, live with Corona life and enjoy your life wherever you might be. Be at your homes and stay healthy. Take nutritious food to boost your immunity and be optimistic and positive with your thoughts.

Khalid M Raza

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