COVID 19 recovery cases brightens India as rest of World still afraid

COVID 19 recovery cases brightens India as rest of World still afraid

The COVID 19 recovery cases in India percentage wise has kept experts to believe that India is still safe. Rest of the world is still afraid of the spread of COVID 19 except few countries. These countries, who’re strongly fighting against COVID 19 include USA, Italy, Canada and the Gulf countries. Also there’s not much scare to Pakistan as Pakistan’s current govt dealing with COVID 19 amicably.  

Some experts earlier had said that India would become a hot spot of COVID 19 soon have now changed their minds. They say at present that quick COVID 19 recovery cases brightens India’s chances of fighting until vaccines developed.

India is safe because the number of deaths are very low (5%) and COVID 19 recovery cases are a staggering 95%. Time is all the way bright for India for no more lockdowns to be imposed. Or think twice about controlling the situation of open markets for shutdowns. Well, the major crises that India is undergoing currently is of poverty and hunger.

The Middle Class will be under deep trouble as about 80% of Middle Class workers lost their jobs. And their savings will be finished soon according bureau reports. The reports claim that Middle Class will not able to bear their essential expenses anymore after June, 2020.

COVID 19 recoveries in large numbers also can benefit India to take care of the people in a better way. It’s highly concerned to gain momentum during this time. And act justly to lift the people of India. Will the BJP govt do so?

Khalid M Raza

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