Millions of middle class families in India to suffer after June ends

Millions of middle class families in India to suffer after June ends

India’s poverty will be on rapid rise after month of June ends. Middle class people in India will be most affected as their savings will be finished soon. The lockdown in India during its course resulted in Millions of middle class families to suffer. And more middle class families will suffer after month of June ends. The lockdown period was overlooked. And the BJP govt never found a way during the lockdown for the benefit of the poor and the middle class.

Most of India’s population could be out of savings and will be unable to cover essential expenditure according to livemint Indian media. The rural poor will also be hit hard. And about 30% of Urban population will finish off their savings as the month of June ends.

About 80% of households suffered a lot since the immediate decision lockdown created panic. Incomes fallen down as the jobless middle class suffered a lot more than expected. Millions of middle class people had to survive upon their savings to cover essential expenses.

However, it took longtime for the lockdown to end and the sufferings increased for the middle class. Moreover, the poorest also consumed their savings rapidly and troubled with hunger at present.  

Why Millions of Middle Class Families Only will Suffer? 

50% of Indians including rural and urban population lost their savings quickly and now they’ve nothing left. But, Millions of middle class families also never know how to help themselves. They don’t even know how to beg and survive. Poorest people in India can allow their families in all to beg for survival also with consumption of liquor.

Liquor shops in India find lengthy queues of the poorest people to get relief from their hardship. They seem to beg and benefit with the money not only for food but also for their unavoidable liquor addiction.

The reason for millions of middle class families to suffer after the month of June ends is their lack of preparedness. They preferred to accept what comes their way and already troubled with illogical BJP govt policies.

Khalid M Raza

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