Believers not gathering to avoid COVID 19 as they follow Sunnah

Believers not gathering to avoid COVID 19 as they follow Sunnah

You need to know at first that the Prophet (PBUH) never shook hands with a man, who wanted to meet him (PBUH). This was so because the Prophet (PBUH) told him that he accepted the man’s greetings. And told him to get the treatment as he was suffering from an infectious disease. In another Hadith as the believers follow and it was narrated as the Prophet (PBUH) told a person to tie the camel and keep trust on God. This way only believers not gathering to avoid COVID 19 as they also follow the teachings of the messengers.

The last and final messenger of Allah is Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). And he’s the messenger until today as his teachings are recorded and his teachings need to be followed until the day of Judgement.

It’s worrying that disbelievers including some people from the Muslim community not aware of the crises. And moving out to meet their friends and relatives. These things the believers never do. So, it’s our duty to believe the creator and believe in the teachings. One cannot blindly move anywhere and gather along with friends because it might be a sin. Whatever minor or major sin it could be as Allah knows better. And so precautions are necessary.

Believers not gathering at all because they know that they cannot afford to spread this virus. And they need to take care of their families too. Every man is a shepherd to look after his flock. So, the head of the family needs to follow the guidelines of not allowing the virus to spread more.

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Some miscreants created the below image post and mocked at the believers to make others laugh. And this is fake as reported to us:

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