40 more soldiers killed as BJP continues ignoring China’s brutal actions

40 more soldiers killed as BJP continues ignoring China’s brutal actions

Since Monday more than 40 Indian soldiers were killed and BJP is silent as Indian media reporting fake news. The Telegraph and other Foreign media covering the atrocities over Indian soldiers while ANI continues to report in BJP’s favor. What’s face saving for BJP with fake reports? Why is it so for BJP? These questions aren’t necessary as BJP needs to stop this border violence from China.

The BJP govt can solve the issues in any which way but they’re quite for what? Seems BJP is focused in the upcoming Bihar elections. It’s like BJP wants social distancing with Indian soldiers or what?

Soldiers are attacked with fist fighting and it’s a worrying situation for the Indians. The brutal attacks of fist fighting continue to take place as BJP needs to do something or get lost. Enough is enough as our soldiers are more than greats for us and we also do care about their families. PM Narendra Modi continues to speak on many other issues and never bothers over Indian soldiers killed everyday.

He only uses words of deception and more words for no benefit to Indians. And Indians have every right to question BJP for the atrocities over Indian soldiers. But Indian media is quite. Why? This is horrible now and it continues if BJP hides and continues to divide us.

Khalid M Raza

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