After fist fighting China might use weapons as BJP waits for retaliation?

After fist fighting China might use weapons as BJP waits for retaliation?

Fist fighting is not what China wants as they know how to proceed with weapons soon. They entered Indian soil and attacking Indian soldiers with fist fights. Many soldiers killed and injured. The families of the Indian soldiers concerned more than what BJP believes. And wants Indians to believe in India’s retaliation soon.

Meanwhile, Indian media told that BJP govt or the “Sarkar” is not responsible for Chinese troops to make entry in India. Indian soldiers are responsible for allowing Chinese troops and they should be criticized and not the govt.  

After Fist Fighting What Else? 

Sooner or later after fist fighting days passes by China will take other strong actions for what? This is so because India is not taking support from foreign countries to resolve the border issues. Moreover, India cannot do so because of India’s horrible relations with the top countries. Countries also include the United States. United States is concerned over their own internal issues.

There’s more concern for India as the world knows about India’s divide and rule policies. And BJP playing their cards while joining hands with the media. They know not that Indians will sooner or later accuse BJP for their corrupt politics or dirty politics. BJP is always concerned to win elections. Bihar elections are not too far.  

But after fist fighting China could use armed forces or weapons then what for BJP is waiting? Is it true that BJP wants retaliation against China? No, because BJP currently riding with the favor from Indian media. The media is already sold to BJP and it will never stop creating fake news reports.

Media will highlight things that you’ll expect to happen. But that will not happen as the concerns of more bigger attacks from China will be worrisome. India was quite over Nepal’s change of map and now India will be quite again. Thus, it’s more than just frustration for Indians if BJP govt never finds amicable solutions. However, nobody could say anything about the future but it’s for sure that currently China is holding India’s neck.

Khalid M Raza

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