Indian media hiding these kind of 7 news reports from everyone exposed

Indian media hiding these kind of 7 news reports from everyone exposed

Well, the BJP govt is not Indian govt for sure and the BJP is made in India. India belongs to every Indian and BJP can survive in India as the govt of India if BJP benefits India. India was a progressing nation before BJP and this is a soar truth because even the middle class is hungry at present. Indian media hiding several reports and these 7 reports exposed. So, let’s look into these 7 reports that Indian media hides. Remember, even the most secular online channels also do hide these following 7 news reports:

The mob lynching of the minorities:

The minorities suffered a lot since BJP took power in 2014 to control Indians and not India. Controlling Indians is easy for BJP because of the support from Indian media. The facts never come as per sayings of the people. This is because they’re eye witnesses and not the reporters. Indian media reporters upon the orders of BJP govt hide the facts. There’s lot more for foreign media to cover up Indian stories but they end up disclosing minor facts. Indian media hiding few news reports every time because they do what they’re told to do.

Cow Slaughtering:

Indian media hiding lot about bad taking care of the Cows and that the stray Cows live miserably. And interesting to know that India is the largest exporter of Beef. The exporters are non Muslims. Some of the Cow exporting companies named as Al Kabeer etc., run by Non Muslims.

Cows trouble the farmers in Villages and kill some poor farmers and spoil the crop. This menace also debatable but Indian media hides the deaths of Cows. And this is again because Cow shelters (Gow Shaalas) never take good care and possibly Cows die. Breeding of Cows take place for the Beef export companies in some places across India.  

Trouble to People of Kashmir:

Article 370 was abrogated. And it was fine. Kashmir belongs to India but the poor people of Kashmir troubled as much as possible. And to the extent that Women and Children harassed. Raped Women still battling hard to survive in Kashmir for their family members. Curfew was imposed immediately. What’s more shocking is that Kashmir people not allowed to complete their studies.

No schools and colleges operating. Still the Kashmir people do not have 4G Internet. They’re fine. It’s okay for them to live as long as the end of their troubled lives without 4G. But, how can they work and survive with 2G service provided to them? The BJP not at all bothers about their education too. Kill them all, if you want to. Nobody will object.  

Indian Media hiding Cow Urine Sickness  

The consumption of Cow Urine for good health have results such that every week some people get hospitalized. And this issue is also not highlighted for debates to find out whether Cow Urine benefits or not. Some BJP leaders also did Cow Urine parties. The fact is that many uneducated people consume Cow Urine along with Cow Dung and fall sick. Indian Media hiding these issues too.  

Television News Indian Media hiding  

Let’s discuss about Television news reports including online Indian media. Reports are repeated as big news and spoken in such a way that it builds up the minds of the people to listen what’s more. And there’s nothing more and the record gets stuck as they keep on repeating their fake news stories. They speak so freely and boldly that people start to believe them.

And the BJP govt never takes any action over them. Even the little fellow Arnab Goswami speak lies without any worries because he knows all criminals are safe under BJP. Pragya Thakur is a terrorist and Indian media accepts her. And never able to do debates upon her illegal comments or activities. She’s safe and why not?  

Peaceful Protests & More: 

When anyone stands up to protest peacefully for his or her rights then he or she will be criticized. And some peaceful protesters also arrested. The police used to do dirty things in front of Women protesters. That’s gone in the past thanks to COVID-19. And it’s horrible to know that anyone, who speaks freely will be arrested or fired from jobs.

It happened to cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle and many more. Indian media hiding all the atrocities over the minorities even these days of COVID-19 crises. 

Indian Media hiding more: 

The situation of the COVID-19 patients is miserable since 3 months in some hospitals. And these are not even reported over online channels frequently or any debates frequently shown in the Television news channels. Not even a single debate is allowed for all these above reasons that In Hand Writer presenting you. There are more than 20 types of news reports that Indian media hides from us or never does any debate upon these issues. Even online channels like us also know weeks later about many crimes that happen in India.

COVID-19 patients suffering a lot with no physical distancing and their family members stay in quarantine without any good care. This is so because the media never alerts the govt to change the situations. Indian media hiding a lot and reports fake news boldly. This is so because they’re already sold to the BJP govt.

Moreover, the setbacks to economy, joblessness rise, poverty increase, etc also not considered for any debates or for publishing. The Indian media never understands the importance of poor people and middle class. Except the rich middle class and poor people suffer a lot. Why Indian Media hiding so much from everyone because they’re fascist and followers of BJP. People often say “BJP Bhagao Desh Bachao”. Means remove BJP and save India.

Khalid M Raza

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