Malaysia next to Tanzania for controlling COVID-19 as Malaysians careful?

Malaysia next to Tanzania for controlling COVID-19 as Malaysians careful?

It’s a good news for the Americans too as their control over the spread COVID-19 begins to pick up. Asians are worried people in the entire World. Above all Malaysia next to Tanzania can make sense because of their control over the infectious disease becoming stronger. Malaysians worshiping also with physical distancing as they do pray their five time obligatory prayers. They’re educated and likely to deafest COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Tanzania was the first Country to defeat COVID-19. USA has picked up with more testings and Saudi Arabia also doing more tests.  

UAE is good enough along with other major Gulf and Western Countries to tackle this current crises. Total number of COVID-19 cases around the World are 80 plus Million. Number of deaths is a major concern. But these numbers have come down. Deaths from COVID-19 stands at about 4,57000. India is at number 4 position in the World behind USA, Brazil and Russia. Unfortunately, India becoming hot spot even after the situation was not too serious.

The blame games of Indian media and the corrupt policies of the BJP govt made Indians to suffer a lot. Indian media blamed the Tablighi Jamat for the spread of COVID-19 and BJP govt stood with the media. The Tablighi Jamat was safe and also donated their plasma for good cause. They helped Indians even after India blamed them. 

That period have passed away and no more issues regarding Tablighi Jamat spoken currently on large scale. However, the wounds of blame games still there and some people still blame this Jamat. This Jamat entered India because India allowed them to. And then BJP started playing dirty politics.

Finally, Malaysia next to Tanzania in controlling COVID-19 can still makes sense because Malaysians are careful since a longtime.

Khalid M Raza

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