Narendra Modi’s resignation explodes on other side of Twitter

Narendra Modi’s resignation explodes on other side of Twitter

Mitali Saran is a well known figure on Twitter rather than a Columnist and she tweets frequently. This tweet of her was liked over 2000 times and retweeted 586 times even though she tweeted at late night short time ago. She expressed her anger over Narendra Modi. And the other side of Twitter explodes with demands of Narendra Modi’s resignation. Many criticized his leadership and some also ready to wait until 2024 for BJP to fade away.

“I think it’s time to demand Narendra Modi’s resignation”. Tweeted Mitali Saran, followed by 47000 people. She got some positive responses and most of her followers agreed with her demand for Narendra Modi’s resignation. 30% of tweets over PM Narendra Modi claimed his resignation overall. People concerned over the disasters that India has been going through under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi.

One tweeter questioned her. “When has that worked Mitali? Who have ever resigned after resignation demanded?”.

Mitali Saran over her tweet for Narendra Modi’s resignation replied to the questioner. “It hasn’t “worked” to keep demanding that constitutional, legal, and democratic norms be respected either. But that’s no reason to stop demanding it”.

Another Tweet followed: “I have been demanding Narendra Modi’s resignation since May 2014….” 

Some More Tweets Over Narendra Modi’s Resignation

“My feeling is this will not kill him. He will take us from one disaster to another. In 10 years time people will be tired and get used to it or he will die of natural causes”.

“Isn’t it too late to ask that… it’s already more than year we wasted.. this thought should have been in everyone’s mind during the Lok Sabha election.. ab chun liya hai.. aur 3 baki bache saal jhel lo.. if anything remains.. in India”.

Ab chun liya hai … aur 3 baki bache saal jhel lo… means that we’ve chosen him and need to bear him his final years.

“We can demand whatever we want. He can’t give us the small wins. You think he’d give up his precious position. Wishful thinking! Until then we can tweet our wishes and hope time takes him away. We have lost the power to oppose, we have what history will call the criminal state”.

These tweets learned to be from educated Indians and also from the people, who chose Narendra Modi. It seems people disliking him after they liked him to come into power in 2014.

Khalid M Raza

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