How Ranbir took revenge with Salman – Amazing Story revealed very late

How Ranbir took revenge with Salman – Amazing Story revealed very late

Ranbir Kapoor was too young and he was as much a stranger to Salman Khan as his marriage and so. How Ranbir took revenge is an untold story and revealed very late. The star performer and a lover boy imaged Kapoor family lad was with Salman Khan. He was smashed in a pub for some reason. And that reason only known to Salman Khan. Ranbir still insists that there wasn’t his any fault to be smashed that way. Salman Khan was arrogant a bit more in those years and a couple of decades back. He assaulted young Ranbir Kapoor.  

That’s not enough as Salman tore Ranbir’s shirt. And later the dominating Khan realized too when he was told that Ranbir is Rishi Kapoor’s young lad. So, he then sent dozens of new branded shirts at Rishi Kapoor’s residence. And that was not enough as Salman also apologized but wasn’t given any response. Later on, Ranbir grew up and found yet another beautiful actress hovering around Salman Khan.

Khan was happy with this beautiful actress and he was in love with her. How Ranbir took revenge is worth not only to hurt the sentiments of Salman Khan but his fans too. And we’ve no option but to reveal this story to you.

One fine day, Ranbir saw Salman too closer to this tall beautiful lady. She’s none other than many blockbuster film’s heroine. She’s Katrina Kaif and that’s all. No, how Ranbir took revenge comes up this way.

Ranbir Kapoor used his good looks and took advantage of acting opposite to Katrina Kaif. He made her fall in love with him and created a hole between Salman and her. And when Katrina left Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor’s mission accomplished.

Khalid M Raza

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