Kashmir will make loud cry as people of Kashmir troubled for what?

Kashmir will make loud cry as people of Kashmir troubled for what?

It was since Aug 5, 2019, the people of Kashmir troubled without their faults under the BJP govt. Kashmir will make loud cry and the cry will be heard with some reason. BJP govt’s abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir was not a big mistake. But the govt imposed curfew in Kashmir to harass the people there for what? There was no reason for BJP to impose curfew and lift internet services and basic facilities in the valley. BJP govt hidden their ugly face from the people of India and the World. They might rejoice for sometime to see Kashmir people troubled.

However, these politics of BJP govt not only insane but for creating more trouble to the people of Kashmir. This way, they’re not just taking India backwards but also carrying out oppression over whomsoever concerned to them.

Reports of the harassment to the people of Kashmir and the killings of youth and heads of the families pouring in now. The matters not resolved yet as Kashmir will make loud cry and BJP govt will suffer. They’ll suffer because Kashmir people have every reason to be fearless. They saw their women raped and their school and college students made to suffer and many arrested and killed for what? Fascism might not last for long as BJP govt taking India towards crises after crises.

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It’s okay to make India as Hindu nation and for this reason, BJP govt never needed to trouble minorities of India. And it’s okay if people of Kashmir doesn’t want to be called as Indians because they’ve been suffering since a long time. People of Kashmir troubled even under the leadership of Congress. BJP govt took advantage of their power and continued to benefit none but for their own good. And in their own corrupt way. Indians on the whole affected with joblessness and poverty.

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Today’s situation spoiled India’s image and China is making inroads with their full strength as BJP is clueless. Doesn’t matter what BJP govt will do to please Indians the other way. But, Indians suffering a lot. Another year to pass by and BJP will be cursed more. Is it good that Kashmir will make loud cry with reasons too many? Yes, they’ve every reason to fight for their freedom.

Khalid M Raza

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