India least bothered over rise of Joblessness as BJP Govt waits for what?

India least bothered over rise of Joblessness as BJP Govt waits for what?

India is currently placed at third position behind USA and Brazil. And according to official data, situation is horrible in India. The spike in COVID-19 cases appeared to be of lesser importance to the govt. India least bothered over the huge crises of poverty due to COVID-19. Middle class people losing jobs. And poor laborers have to shift from working for construction companies onto something like sitting idle for hours. Poverty strikes India hard as the govt is still least bothered over rise of COVID-19 cases in India.

India can provide some basic facilities to the jobless people even during this pandemic. The “unlock” only helping the govt and not the poor or middle class people. India least bothered to provide better facilities for the poor people in govt hospitals. People troubled more since 2019 and the govt ignored violence and loss of jobs and businesses. The BJP govt is so mean that they think only for their own benefits. Reasons are plenty to criticize the BJP govt for their failure to benefit Indians since 2014. We’ve some inputs: 

India Least Bothered is no Good

Keeping Indians waiting for some good to come their way hurts because India least bothered about the outcome. The outcome of COVID-19 rising cases might not be worrisome but BJP govt’s poor leadership creating confusion. Suicides are on the rise as people becoming depressed under this situation. India needs to collect funds from the rich and help the jobless people or those, who shutdown their businesses.

BJP govt collected huge money under their campaign of PM CARES. They didn’t do much with the collected money to help the people of India.

Still, there are many BJP followers and more educated and rich people favor the BJP govt. And so the BJP govt can still run another campaign and collect the money to help the jobless people. Companies or small businesses can’t keep their employees for long as the market is down. Salaries aren’t paid in thousands of small and big organizations.

BJP govt needs to step in further. And play their effective role as they need to do something before it will be too late. India least bothered over China’s brutal attack on Indian soldiers. But, it does not mean that BJP sold India. There’s still time for the BJP govt to change their policies else India will be in deep trouble.

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The BJP govt do work to gain what? They should work more now as crises after crises hurting their voters. And if India least bothered now over the sufferings of Indians then how can BJP win elections again? Helping with little money or with some bags of ration supply not helpful.  

The BJP govt needs to come with solutions to the problems and stop playing politics over the hard working jobless people. And the laborers. The BJP govt can follow certain guidelines that countries like Canada doing currently. Learn to help the people of India and get benefited with votes to win again. No use for ruling India for 10 years and melting down to zero in the year 2024. Zero to hero makes sense but hero to zero is nothing but a catastrophe.

Khalid M Raza

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