BJP caught for attacking Muslims in Delhi after BJP tried to blame Muslims

BJP caught for attacking Muslims in Delhi after BJP tried to blame Muslims

Delhi riots seen as communal but truth will be disclosed or revealed sooner or later. The wire experts revealed the facts as BJP caught again. The riots in Delhi were one sided violence and were created with the help of Delhi police. And Delhi police reports to BJP govt. Experts claim this issue not to be taken lightly as it involves Delhi police. And Delhi police supports BJP’s Hindutva agenda. BJP caught yet again for fascism to rule India in exchange for attacking innocents. BJP will not survive for long as truth after truths exposed sooner or later.


There were communal riots in Delhi at that time. Aamir and Hashim were two among more than 50 Muslim victims of the violence. The attack over Muslims in Delhi was well planned and had happened during US President Trump’s visit to India in Feb.

BJP Caught again to get Exposed More…

During the last week of Feb 2020, Muslims were brutally attacked in Delhi. RSS activists, etc also took help from extremist Hindus and attacked innocents. Delhi police ignored over thousand calls from the victims since Feb 24. The miscreants targeted Muslims and burned more than dozen Mosques and a Dargah.

Delhi police claimed that Muslims were responsible for the communal violence. Some fake reports were also generated with the use of the blame game phrase: Islamic terror. But, soon everything disclosed. Not a single big or small temple was destroyed in Delhi. Mosques were destroyed and Muslim business looted and Muslim youth killed.

There was no Muslim group involved. Muslims were framed as criminals or terrorists. Delhi Muslims still helpless with huge losses of businesses and losses of lives of their bread earners. Loss of Muslim lives and Muslim businesses including a Muslim school also overshadowed with several fake reports. However, BJP caught again. And the wire published their blame games and the online channel continues to expose criminals.

Khalid M Raza

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