COVID-19 recovery depends upon how happy you are than stressful?

COVID-19 recovery depends upon how happy you are than stressful?

Dr Tousif Hassan told us that most of the COVID-19 patients suddenly losing their oxygen level because of stress. Sooner or later they’re losing their precious lives only because of stress. One of the patient, who died was observed carefully with inputs from his family members. He left the World and left a note for us to live a happy life. Spend quality time with your family and don’t bother about whatever treatment you get if you’re infected with COVID-19. Just be happy as COVID-19 recovery depends upon your mood too.  

COVID-19 recovery is possible only with your will to survive and never allows you to be stressful. Once you’re stressful, you’ll become more critical or serious. There will be more chances for you to lose your lives if you bother about the outcome. If you have no worries and continue preferring to be clean and hygienic with proper social distance then you’re away from the infectious disease. COVID-19 is not so deadly as you think or media presents it to you.

Wear masks whenever you go out and then come back to relax after washing your hands, masks etc. Take proper care with the intent to be happy within yourself and with your family members. Time is precious and you need not worry at all as time goes fast. These sad times will also become history. Everything has to go one day.

This pandemic also has an end as it has come to go away. So, keep patience and do not panic even if you find your friends and neighbors affected with COVID-19. You need to give a lot to the World as COVID-19 recovery cases can also change your lifestyles.

Let’s be happy and make people around us more happy. Treat the COVID-19 patients nicely.

Khalid M Raza

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