Amisha Patel keeps posting hot pics to remind fans using social media

Amisha Patel keeps posting hot pics to remind fans using social media

Amisha Patel is an Indian actress and has done as many films as she could. Her Bollywood career ended long back but she prefers to be active on social media to be in touch with her fans. Amisha Patel keeps posting hot images on Twitter and she knows that she can enjoy more this way. She has more than 4.4 Million followers on Twitter while she follows only 703 people. And that includes politicians, Bollywood, Hollywood and sports-persons.

Amisha Patel also posted a video clip that shows her almost half nude figure. She loves to be hot even at the age of 45. Amisha was so crazy that when she saw Salman Khan very close to her but she turned away from him. She thought Salman Khan not her ideal man. Many girls joined Salman Khan and had lot of fun since then. But, Salman was left alone for reasons still unknown. However, Amisha Patel is still a Bollywood celebrity as she attends many top Bollywood functions.

During the course of this pandemic, it’s hard for her to be social. She’s following social distancing even with her pets. Amisha Patel at 45 is still single and keeps posting hot pics.

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She knows Bharat-Natyam and many more typical dances. If she see you dancing in front of her she’ll definitely join you. Credit goes to her social media account that she’d lot of breakups since 15 years. She dated with many men and Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt too. Vikram Bhatt had some financial problems and she had to leave him. Now, she’s ready to rebuild her career in Bollywood. And that might not be possible.

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