US Universities shifting from online to in person to retain foreign students?

US Universities shifting from online to in person to retain foreign students?

The United States to benefit US citizens, wanting to deport foreign students if their Universities conducting online classes. This move not only affects the American life dreams of Millions but also troubles the US universities.

Professors will have tough time if the new rule implemented to deport all foreign students. US thinks of their own citizens during pandemic according to President Donald Trump’s tweets on Twitter. Further, Trump claimed that US universities conducting online classes can do so even if foreign students leave United States. This statement put question marks over the minds of millions of foreign students studying in United States.

Students from developing nations enter United States not only to study but also to fulfill their dreams. After H1B visa scrapped until the end of 2020, there has been a rise in business visa inquiries. Business visas for the United States have limited benefits as it involves huge investments.

What will then people do to live in America as their dreams shattered? Students spend huge money to study in US universities and to have a better life in the USA. Most of the students prefer to pay the university fee on their own. They work hard and manage fee expenses for their further studies too. They do take admissions in the US universities even after completing their masters. Most of them complete even PhD if they won’t get selected for H1+ visas.  

US Universities helping Students?  

US universities still helping foreign students in this pandemic times. Still many students from developing nations attending in person classes. And they need not worry as they wouldn’t be deported because of their universities’ conducting in person classes.

Universities in the United States or US trying their best to retain foreign students. They need to shift from online classes towards in person classes. If the universities lose students because of their online classes then they’ve to bear losses.

Students have to leave and they can’t enroll for further studies. And also most of the students from many other countries will not think of studying in USA because of the new rules. The new rules have no satisfying benefits for outside students to stay in US for longtime. Either they need to keep studying. And take admissions after admissions in the universities or they need to leave USA after completing their education.

Many students studying the US complaining about the new rules. They’ve been highlighting even minor issues this way: “What if there’s no high speed Internet facilities in their countries to allow them attend online classes”.

Pakistanis have trouble using Internet from their own country while countries like India have high speed Internet facilities. “Should they be paying huge amounts of fees for attending online classes? They can get cheap and best online education in their own countries”. Some students also tweeted, “we’re not here to study only as we want to live in America too”.


Future Prospects in the US

The impact of COVID-19 is such big that top countries preferring to benefit their own citizens. Their thinking is one sided. Students from other developing nations not only fulfill their dreams but also make top countries to progress more.

The criterion here is, do immigrants really care about their future prospects? No! or maybe Yes! They migrate to other developed nations with the knowledge of pros and cons for sure. When they prepare themselves to bear the setbacks of working in developed countries then they should be prepared for deportation. They do sense that what will happen if rules get changed in the developed nations but they look over positive sides only.

Green card applications will not be looked upon anymore. This is so because a green card applicant needs to wait for 150 years as per the new rules. It’s like “never” for the green card applicants to get their most sought green cards. Well, the US universities might shift from online classes to in person. But, how many of them will do so? It was reported that only a few to about 20% of the universities in the US will do so.

You might be wondering to know that US will not be same as it was earlier for students. However, you can still find US universities to benefit you in building your career. You can study and come back to your own country and still find good jobs.


Overseas Living Options

Alberta is in the Western province of Canada. Further studies in Alberta for international students definitely of their money’s worth. They can spend money to earn quality education and they can apply for job in Alberta. Alberta is recognized for exceptional universities, colleges, technical institutes and innovative research facilities.

The student visa process is easy and you’re most likely to get student visas for your better future. The weather in Alberta is too cold and you need to bear with it. However, nothing to worry as other people also living there. Many people from hot climatic conditions working in one of the coldest place of Canada (Alberta).

Currently, Alberta is looking to revive the economy and accepting foreign workers. If you think you’ve no good future in the United States after completing your education then you need not worry. This is so because Alberta is providing US university graduates to work and earn good money.

It will be a better option for you than the most ambitious places to live like US and UK. No need to panic at all because if one door closes then another door will surely open. Look for good opportunities to work in Canada as at least you’ll be happier than working in your own country.

World economy needs to be revived and for that work opportunities needs to be opened up. You need to think out of the box and try to get settled. Your planning and better thinking for good career matters the most.

Khalid M Raza

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