BJP bluffs COVID-19 vaccine before Aug 15 for COVID-19 free World?

BJP bluffs COVID-19 vaccine before Aug 15 for COVID-19 free World?

Every sector in India under the management of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). That’s not too much! But if the BJP govt have educated leaders then it would have been very good for India. However, BJP bluffs COVID-19 vaccine as it would be “launched” before Aug 15. Giving a good reason for the independence day celebration once again on bluffed masterstroke. This report is nowhere on the Internet but WhatsApp University and BJP powered TV channels boasting too much! They claimed that India will benefit the World with COVID-19 vaccine before Aug 15 as another independence celebrations.


Earlier, as I told you that every sector is under the management of BJP. And that’s the reason why ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) brought the “Good News” for BJP TV channels. They say whatever they believe to make people excited with such news reports for boosting TRP (Television Rating Point). It’s shameful that BJP with over 300 candidates won the 2019 elections again and never did any good work. This time BJP bluffs COVID-19 vaccine discovery before Aug 15?

Any emergency vaccine passes through three phases of human trials. Reports Indian Express: “Central Drugs Standard Control Organization given approvals for phase I and II trials so far. Phases I, II, & III can take up to 1 and half years.

Phase I alone takes more than 1 month. So, how can ICMR claim that they’ll be ready with the COVID-19 vaccine before Aug 15? They’re speaking on the orders of BJP govt and just like any other sector. Isn’t it? Phase II can take at least 1 year of human trials. So, how can India produce COVID-19 vaccine in just less than couple of months? It’s not possible and so BJP bluffs COVID-19 vaccine to cover up their failures since a longtime.

Khalid M Raza

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