MJCET Engineers helping COVID-19 affected in Hyderabad from abroad

MJCET Engineers helping COVID-19 affected in Hyderabad from abroad

MJCET is Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology. Engineering batches of the 1980’s to 1990’s and towards this 2000’s contributing with their earnings. MJCET Engineers helping Hyderabad’s needy people in association with the doctors in Hyderabad and the UVA in connection with Tulips Foundation. Each Engineer contributing at least $50 for this good cause to help the poor people in Hyderabad from different communities. Some Engineers doing exceptionally well. They contributed sums of $200 to $300 and more.

MJCET in partnership with UVA (Registered 501 (3) (C)) non-profit organization set in the United States of America. The purpose for this good cause is to provide COVID-19 packages to those suffering in Hyderabad from the pandemic. There’s urgent need of supplies to help the disadvantaged people in Hyderabad, who suffering a lot. It’s a good cause and all the settled Engineers keen to support the suffering people of Hyderabad.

To donate after inquiring with Mr. Zameer Mohammed @admin +1(512) 200-5263, ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering). You can contact him or simply donate through Zelle/Paypal: unitedvolunteersassociation@gmail.com.

MJCET Engineers Project Details:

Donations also include Zakat as well. UVA will purchase medical equipment for the suffering people of Hyderabad to benefit them with.

The headwinds from COVID-19 wreaked havoc in all our lives. Most affected people from the pandemic only the poor. They deserved to be helped. All people affected cannot bear the burden of surviving without help. They need help and so the campaign started. It’s our duty to serve the poor people and try to save precious lives. If we ignore to help now then it will be too late. MJCET Engineers helping below poverty line families, migrants, orphans, destitute, and the disabled. Targeted Location: Hyderabad.

UVA (United Volunteers Association) provides humanitarian services focusing on below poverty line needy people. Tulips Foundation receives resources not funds. With the above information one can verify easily to come forward in this good cause. Help the needy and feel better. Be happy to donate for good causes. It’s a small step for all those privileged people to make things happen. And you’re also among Millions of people in the World, who help in any way.

Khalid M Raza

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