Oxford researchers produced vaccine as more trials underway

Oxford researchers produced vaccine as more trials underway

Here comes Oxford researchers to the rescue of COVID-19 affected people across the Globe. They will ramp up production as soon as they find confirmation with more trials and tests. United Kingdom (UK) already in the queue’s first position to buy large number of vaccine. Reports admit that UK ordered for more than 90 million vaccine from Oxford’s produced vaccine. However, the race for vaccine is on.

Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine produces a good immune response reveals new study. Oxford researchers have found no safety concerns. And the vaccine stimulated strong immune response.

Oxford team of researchers worked round the clock since January for the preparation of vaccine against COVID-19. On July 20, 2020, Oxford researchers have reached the first milestone over human trials of the vaccine.

They’re working hard over it to make it available globally six months from now. It’s clear that the vaccine will be available after more trials and confirmations. Thus, it will be 1 year and 1 month for the vaccine to be exported to different countries. WHO already reported that vaccine needs at least 6 month of trials before it becomes ready as the cure.

As published in the Lancet that Phase I results showed the vaccine hasn’t caused unexpected ill – effects. And that the vaccine produces strong immune response in humans. The next Phase will see if that immune response actually protects COVID-19. And how different age groups respond to the vaccine? Thousands of volunteers made this happen as the trials are underway. The vaccine will be ready soon if everything goes well.

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