BJP govt how far can fool Indians as China was not handled amicably?

BJP govt how far can fool Indians as China was not handled amicably?

The BJP govt surrendered to China and allowed China to occupy precious portions of land. Gone are the days when people used to believe what the newspapers speak. The newspapers used to be truthful in producing content that the readers used to be benefited with. If not English newspapers but other language news post were factual. Today, with the advent of innovation and development in technology, Indian media speaks almost 90% of fake news. However, BJP govt how far can fool Indians with their make believe World using their blind followers?

BJP govt possess an art in speaking lies or creating fake propaganda. Even in times of tragic events, BJP looks for catching the soul of their followers. BJP followers might not reduce but the helpless people will turn down their dinner table upside down. From there on no more dinners for BJP govt as they’ll have sleepless nights. Gone are the days of “now” or “never” because these days only patience or the steadfast will be stronger. The power of unity can destroy corrupt leaderships.

China occupied Indian territories is extremely real and the truth. But, BJP boasted so many times that they’re always ready to protect India. Where’s the “Chowkidar” (watchman) now? Why he’s not handling the issues with China just because he’s uneducated? No! Even uneducated politicians can be as strong as they could be. They learn a lot and do their homework well.

Putting pressure on China was easy but PM Narendra Modi too late to do things in favor of India. It’s better for him to resign now. But, failures will not calm him down from speaking lies loudly. Let’s see BJP govt how far can fool Indians?

Khalid M Raza

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