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Qurbani in Hyderabad is uphill task for Muslims due to COVID-19

Qurbani in Hyderabad is uphill task for Muslims due to COVID-19

Govt officials for Qurbani in Hyderabad stated that Eid-ul-Azha will not be celebrated normally due to COVID 19. “Lots of people visit goat market for purchase of animals for sacrifice in accordance with annual festival Eid-ul-Azha. It’s an uphill task to maintain social distancing. Many other festivals also not celebrated this year due to COVID 19″. Muslim scholars claim that Muslims should follow Islam according to Islamic teachings. Muslims need not worry if they do not perform Qurbani in Hyderabad as the situation is worse due to COVID-19. Qurbani is an uphill task for Muslims and also for Muslims in various parts of India.

Sharia Council said that if Muslims unable to do Qurbani (sacrifice) because of the pandemic restrictions, they should not worry. Islam doesn’t allow worrying or being sad. We Muslims need to be happy in any circumstance and be thankful to the Creator of the Worlds. “It’s clear and understandable that charity or “Sadqa” cannot be the replacement to the deed of Qurbani”.

Charity in replacement to Qurbani recommended only in extreme cases if Qurbani in Hyderabad not possible at all. The COVID-19 pandemic keeps Muslims in Hyderabad to think about alternative methods in lieu of Qurbani. Muslims also lost jobs abroad and in India since 2019. This is another reason for lessened Qurbanis this year and due to the pandemic.

What if Qurbani not Possible?

Some Muslim businessmen showing their intent to make animal sacrifice possible for Eid-ul-Azha. They’re looking for a “distant Qurbani” this year. Distant Qurbani means that animals will be sacrificed at their slaughtering areas. And Muslims need to collect the meat as takeaway. This raises questions that how Muslims will reach to the poor people and their relatives for distribution of meat?

One thing is of concern for the non Muslims. Non Muslim butchers and farmers wait for the whole year to earn huge money. And they’ll be deprived of the advantage of Eid-ul-Azha. Also Month of Ramadan made the non Muslims away from earning more money. This was so because of COVID-19. And let’s know a bit more below to come towards the point of alternate solution:

What if Qurbani in Hyderabad not possible? If in extreme cases there is an option. Many organizations or teams providing Qurbani services as distant Qurbani. They’ll sacrifice the goats and bulls and then distribute the whole meat to the poor people including orphans. This way you’ll be rewarded if Allah wills. You need to pray Eid-ul-Azha prayer as early as possible at your homes (to be safe from COVID-19).

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