Indian govt schools never teach Good English as talented youth suffer

Indian govt schools never teach Good English as talented youth suffer

We know that almost all the Indian govt schools closed at present due to COVID-19. There arises a question: Why give importance to English while Indian govt schools never teach this language the way it needs to be taught? However, youth get 80% to 90% in other languages. And employers find them poor in their communication skills. It doesn’t mean if a person couldn’t speak English can have poor communication skills.

It means that the person knows other languages. He or she might not speak good English but could fit in a role, which requires talent. Here, the talent is ignored. And the most talented youth suffer a lot.

Why then Ministers send their Children abroad in the developed countries to pursue their degrees. There should be some rules to make compulsory upon the politicians. Their children must study in Indian govt schools, and in this way govt schools will have better facilities. Why the politicians spend lots of money upon their personal things?

They should serve the nation and not benefit themselves with all the luxuries. Poor people want to come out of poverty and try hard to get white color jobs. Politicians in India never take care of the poor people and their talents go in vain. This is unacceptable and more than abnormal.

A poor person can’t speak good English but he understands it. However, he gets stuck in the cheap policies of the employers. These employers look for good communication skills even from a programmer or a software engineer. This way talent is lost in India. India should take a clue or two from China, Russia, Germany and France, etc. These countries and more never emphasize English and provide jobs to the deserving people.

Khalid M Raza

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