COVID-19 Vaccine story dismisses thoughts of COVID-19 as Bio weapon

COVID-19 Vaccine story dismisses thoughts of COVID-19 as Bio weapon

Various reports revealed on Internet content posts. And with the use of YouTube to make believe people that COVID-19 is a bio weapon. YouTube videos are more of values these days. This virus, earlier known as Corona, has been declared as pandemic few months back. The 21st Century of Science and Technology reached to new heights.

And also the conspiracy experts, who believe that COVID-19 vaccine can actually kill human beings in large numbers. They blamed Bill Gates time and again. And WHO (World Health Organization) declared COVID-19 as pandemic and issued alerts to all the countries for controlling its spread.

Is it possible to imagine Corona or COVID-19 is man-made bio-weapon to reduce world population? It’s understandable that it’s a threat to human life and caused international crisis. This pandemic raised many questions over uprooting human lives. This raised panic among the masses and concerns for the world in the form of numerous other questions too. However, it was figured out few weeks ago that Bill Gates need not be blamed for.

And it’s clear that human beings couldn’t produce a virus that can threaten human lives. To whatever level the science and technology reached. But this can make sense to believe that a pandemic never be a bio-weapon. If it’s so then most of the people, who taking precautions since a longtime could also be the victims.

COVID-19 Vaccine & Bio Attack

Rapid spread of the virus caused disasters to economic and social scene and the relationships between countries around the world. It’s actually a sign of global connections, where 12 countries are still safe from the virus. This is so because most of them belong to Pacific Island. And North Korea closed its borders as early as it could initiate stricter actions. And so North Korea also is safe with “Zero” COVID-19 cases.

But the fading of physical borders between countries always a concern. COVID-19 vaccine might not cure people affected from the virus. But, it shows that how the world is involved to prepare COVID-19 vaccine and is in a race. The values of the COVID-19 vaccine could be known soon when older people too could be cured. But it’s always better to adopt state specific methods of crisis management.

Centralizing states as the most valuable international players will be most effective measure. In fact, The World Health Organization blamed countries like India for not preventing the rapid spread of the virus. WHO is just supervisor, and the governments remain largely responsible for the pandemic to spread more.

The emergence of Corona as a global crises has allowed countries to work together. Unfortunately, even during this tragic pandemic period some countries still busy in their own interests. War like situation between India and China also makes us to believe that these two countries never realized international unity. The fascism in India still goes on and on and there’s still no wake-up call for the Indian govt.

Conspiracy Experts Fool Large Population?

Environmental health, undoubtedly a global issue. And that needs to be of common human interest. And governments should effectively deal with environmental problems that threaten the integrity of human society.

Biological conspiracy experts are actually deadly weapons, who threaten national security and public health. They keep on brewing stories to worry a large population, who used to think out of the box. It’s factual that these “weapons” or agents terrorize the humans with terrorist acts for some selfish purposes. Meanwhile, it’s better to wait for the release of the COVID-19 vaccine and look into its benefits more. The use of bio-weapons not considered a threat in the past, where there was no advance technology. This bio-weapon theory used as terrorism more than anything else to terrorize global human population.

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COVID-19 vaccine can be beneficial or a cure or might threaten human lives. But it’s never too early to say that COVID-19 virus is not a bio-weapon and has not been used for depopulation.

Khalid M Raza

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