Telangana govt to benefit people affected with COVID-19 to buy vaccine

Telangana govt to benefit people affected with COVID-19 to buy vaccine

Telangana State Chief Minister KCR criticized recently for demolishing Mosques & a Temple at Secretariat in Hyderabad. His intention was known later but that’s the least we need to know. However, Telangana govt to benefit people will come forward for the sale of COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine of India approved by ICMR will be available for purchase from Aug 15. Foreign vaccine will be too expensive and will come into the markets in some months time.

Chief Minister of Telangana State KCR (K. Chandrashekhar Rao) appreciated the efforts of 12 Indian COVID-19 vaccine producers. He said that vaccine in Telangana State will be sold as soon as it becomes available. India wants to benefit Indians with its vaccine before “Independence Day” as another superstition.

Already the growing number of deaths in Telangana State from COVID-19 is a major concern. And so the Telangana govt to benefit people, trying hard for the vaccine available for purchase. This step should be taken as conditional because there are plenty of organizations in Telangana to benefit people. And with their collection of money, they’ll reach the poor people with the vaccination.

This report might shock many people as we also were in a dilemma to publish it or not. We’ve shared this report with you without bothering of the outcome. Let’s pray that more than vaccine, COVID-19 could get vanished away with our efforts of precautions. We’re so happy when Indian media reported the availability of the vaccine of COVID-19 on or before Aug 15. However, one cannot imagine the costs of the vaccine. And it’s still too early to say that it might be too expensive.

Khalid M Raza

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