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Hospital treatment for COVID-19 patients confuses people?

Hospital treatment for COVID-19 patients confuses people?

Many patients of rich families recovered from COVID-19 with treatment facilities given to them at their homes. However, Amitabh Bachchan, his son along with Aishwarya Rai and her daughter admitted to Nanavati hospital in Mumbai. Bachchans could have easily taken treatment for COVID-19 at their big home with all available facilities. This way they could be much better. Moreover, if there’s no vaccine available then why people need hospital treatment for COVID-19 patients? Why poor people of middle age dying in hospitals?

Why people, who prefer home treatment with oxygen cylinder facilities recovered? There’s a lot more questions confusing people in India.

Why Need Hospital Treatment For COVID-19 Patients ?

Kanika Kapoor was COVID-19 positive but she seems to be recovered now. It seems that rich people provided the best facilities in hospitals as recovery cases in India stand officially at 95%. When people from poor families take hospital treatment for COVID-19 never recover. Is the hospitals in India corrupt and eliminating poverty this way? And there’s another question, which has been asked since a month. The govt has no answer for why critical or serious cases in India stand at 8,944 since couple of months?

It’s do and do at home only for COVID-19. Many social organizations providing oxygen cylinders free of cost in India. So, why not sit at home rather than admitted in hospitals as vaccine not available still? Some people confused so much that they believe the deaths of their family members due to COVID-19 has been doubtful. Socialists also claim that hospitals in India less bothered about taking good care of the COVID-19 patients.

And they expressed that’s shocking to know because hospitals in India doing business. And they’re selling organs like kidneys of COVID-19 patients. Middle class or poor people’s family members doubtful that how COVID-19 patients dying in just 2-3 days or “killed”. This raises the question again that do we truly need hospital treatment for COVID-19 patients?

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