Why Muslims suffering in India as BJP needs to explain for what?

Why Muslims suffering in India as BJP needs to explain for what?

There’s some reason for Muslims to suffer in India as criminal politics carried out through BJP IT cell. And that reason is the nature of BJP’s power to find at least 30 percent of India’s population in their favor. These 30% of the people of India never care for India’s progress or about rise of poverty in India. They keep on favoring BJP even if it creates fake reports such as the reports upon Dr Kafeel Khan & more. It’s not a question to ask that only Muslims suffering in India for what? The entire population of India is in deep trouble and will be in more trouble if they keep their eyes closed. BJP needs to explain for what innocent Muslims put in jail and tortured?

You’ll know the soar truth that Dr Kafeel Khan still in jail and with 150 and more prisoners with him. The jail provides no proper food and with one toilet, the doctor had to bear many atrocities not because he’s Muslim. But because he spoke against BJP and BJP’s leader Yogi Adityanath. Yogi Adityanath is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. And he belongs to the same place of Dr Kafeel Khan. Muslims in UP and many other places killed and tortured under the nose of BJP. BJP ignores such atrocities because the BJP govt also troubling the Muslims in Kashmir.

Muslims in Kashmir living with so much pain that no one cannot imagine. Imagine when India was in locked down due to COVID-19, people were so much in pain across various states. Muslims in Kashmir have no basic facilities and in more trouble since Aug 5, 2019. Other Indians can’t believe Muslims of Kashmir’s pains because the media supports BJP entirely.

Not Only Muslims suffering in India but also the Poor People

Dr Kafeel Khan’s date of next hearing extended again to Aug 5, 2020. He was supposed to be released on bail on July 27th. But, BJP playing their politics behind one Muslim Doctor and trying to please those 30% of BJP followers. The rest of the 70% will be divided among different parties as this is what BJP looks for. BJP is exposed again and again for fascism and increasing joblessness and also for not helping the laborers. The laborers need to walk to their homes for hundreds of miles. No govt emergency transport provided to them because BJP never cares the poor people of India.

And during the elections they know that the poor people need money and also non Muslims possess double voter ids. One at the place, where they work as maids or any other skillful work. And the other voter id they possess belongs to their native place. They use both voter ids and vote for BJP just for Rs 500 given to them. This is so because at that moment they need money than nothing else as BJP marketing agents do their marketing.

No answers yet to explain over why Muslims suffering in India because the poor people from other religions also suffer in India. BJP govt have criminals in their party and so they don’t care if India becomes the most troubled nation. It’s not enough for BJP to loot India but they’ll sell India if they want to.

Let’s Know a Bit More…

The BJP govt brought up NPR and CAA just to create more trouble to the Muslims in India. That was not able to carried out yet because of COVID-19 pandemic. Had these laws carried out then Muslims in India might be suffering in the detention camps. It’s pathetic to believe that some Hindus favor NPR and CAA as if they don’t know of the outcome of these laws. The Supreme Court also passed these laws and again favored BJP govt for the construction of Ram Temple.

The Ram Temple will be constructed on a legal site of Babri Masjid. It was built by Mogul ruler Baber. And the Babri Masjid was demolished even though it was a historic structure. BJP govt never care about history as they keep on changing it to blame the Muslims in India.

Muslims never build Mosques with the destruction of other religious structures. But, they purchase those religious structures, which become idle because of no worshiping in those religious places. This is because people do not prefer to buy those religious places to live for making their homes. And that used to happen mostly in the UK. And so Muslims will be given offers and they take and change those into Mosques. It was the rule of the Moguls in full strength in India but no non Muslim was forced to accept Islam.

The Moguls ruled India for many centuries and never did any harm to the non Muslims. Babri Masjid was their construction in India. And they constructed Babri Masjid for Muslims to offer prayers. However, BJP used Babri Masjid for political gains.

What Muslims Need To Do?

Firstly, the Muslims in India should pray all their five time prayers. They should never hesitate to protest against injustice. But, without offering five time prayers they shouldn’t protest. However, Muslims need to be thankful to the Almighty Allah even if someone from their families attacked. Usually, Muslims attacked in India in cases of “mob-lynchings”. The term “mob-lynching” used to protect the insane attackers. This does not mean that Muslims suffering in India because of their bad character. The Almighty Allah always watching everyone.

The Almighty Allah will reward with bounty even to the irresponsible people and who never believe. Muslims need to focus on worshiping and be thankful to the Almighty. Their patience can possibly bring justice to win over injustice in India. If Muslims protest against certain intolerant laws in India without offering five time prayers then it’s likely that innocents will suffer.

For example, take the cases of Dr Kafeel Khan and many other innocent Muslims, who still suffering in India. The best deeds needs to be followed as Islam is the religion of peace.

Khalid M Raza

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