Why Rapist of 14 year old in hospital toilet name hidden – BJP govt blamed?

Why Rapist of 14 year old in hospital toilet name hidden – BJP govt blamed?

The rape in a largest 10,000 bed COVID hospital in the south Delhi was gruesome. The 14 year old girl was heinously raped in the toilet as media reported without bothering to name the rapist. It was horrible and a painful incident when the rapist’s friend helped him to rape the 14-year-old girl. Suspicious stories reportedly blamed BJP govt for the heinous crime that took inside the hospital premises.

Was the girl, a Muslim and the man might be Hindu? Rapes continue to happen in India everyday but the rapists used to named. And not the victims. However, it’s again a matter of concern as 19-year-old rapist was also a COVID-19 patient. And the 14-year-old victim too. This creates doubts in the minds of many intellectuals. Criminals or terrorists in any case have no religion that again we request all to believe this way.

The girl was admitted in Delhi’s largest hospital was raped last week inside the premises. And staff wasn’t interested to protect the girl for which reason creates more doubts? Delhi police always in the news reported that after the rapist fully recovers, he would be punished.

The friend of the rapist stood as guard at the Sardar Patel Covid Care Center was an excuse for the staff. But, why did he recorded the video of the scene? However, he was arrested. Culprits and the victim were COVID-19 patients.

“The girl was immediately shifted to a government hospital. She will continue to receive treatment for COVID-19″. Reported Hindustan Times. Here comes another doubt when the Delhi police called the rapist and his friend as suspects? But they were moved to another hospital while they remain in judicial custody. Rape continues to happen in India as BJP govt blamed for not stopping this heinous menace.

Khalid M Raza

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