Fat people mostly go through bed rest for months before death: Study

Fat people mostly go through bed rest for months before death: Study

Bed rest is a concern for many people of middle ages as mostly they want to die in simplicity & ease. Death can’t be ignore as every soul will taste it sooner or later. A study published in “The Medicine” shocked most of the experts wanting to say that regular exercise might be mandatory in future. People of all ages need not practice regular exercise. However, right from the age of 25, regular exercise will be helpful to maintain weight levels. It’s not confirmed that fat people mostly have to go through bed rest syndrome. But at least 80% of fat people will be under high risk of developing certain diseases, which lead towards death.

And after a prolong bed rest. Here, “prolong” is mentioned and not the bed rest for months or for even years as another study claimed so.

About 35% of people dying under the age of 40 because of heart attacks. And this is so because of smoking and consuming of tobacco products.

Please Note: Smoking is Highly injurious to Health.

Tobacco can make people to die young. Most of the cases of young people dying of heart attacks found to be of lesser weights between 50 kg to 60 kg. However, a heart patient can still survive up to hundred years of age.

The main concern is body weight as more fat people are vulnerable to go on bed rest before death approaches them. When asked: “What’s the right age for starting regular exercise?” Doctors said that any age above 20-25 years is eligible to do exercise on a daily routine. However, people can still be stress free if they keep walking regularly. Mostly, people above the age of 55 needs to walk regularly to check their weights.

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