Imran Khan to free Kashmir from atrocities of Narendra Modi

Imran Khan to free Kashmir from atrocities of Narendra Modi

In what was a delayed but sensible fight for freeing Kashmiris from the atrocities of Indian Army opens new directions. People of Kashmir including majority of Muslims suffering under the direction of Narendra Modi to Indian Army. Pakistan media and other reliable sources claimed that Imran Khan to free Kashmir soon. The time for the white Muslims of the valley is not too far to celebrate the victory over the evil forces of India’s govt.

Citing examples of Nelson Mandela and many other top figures, PM Imran Khan told that Kashmir will be freed soon. Since one year, the people of Kashmir has been suffering more than ever before. The abrogation of article 370 and 35A was not enough for Narendra Modi as he also imposed curfew in Kashmir.

PM Imran Khan told that Nelson Mandela told him few words every time he spoke to him during his cricket career. “There’s nothing impossible until it becomes impossible at the end result”. Imran Khan assured the people of Kashmir that they will not suffer for longtime. Let’s hope that Imran Khan to free Kashmir can be sooner than later.

Kashmir wasn’t India’s internal matter and the white people of Kashmir suffering since longtime. World is currently with Imran Khan and listening not to the Indian PM’s lies. There was a delay due to COVID 19 pandemic but the good times will come soon.

Khalid M Raza

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