Chaiwala to Politician PM Modi needs to be arrested demand experts

Chaiwala to Politician PM Modi needs to be arrested demand experts

Chaiwala (Tea-seller) was exposed in the year 2002 when he massacred thousands of innocents. He wanted to gain something out of his criminal mind to please the majority. He did so when after he achieved Chief Minister’s post in Gujarat. His Jumlebaazi (Fake use of History) and false claims to present Muslim community in India as worst people was his another weapon.

Now he did lot of trouble to India with setbacks to the economy, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and with increasing joblessness. He has nothing good to show to the people of India and so he claimed Babri Masjid as the Ram Temple. The shameful act of 1992 when Babri Masjid was demolished cannot be the pride for Indians in 2020.

His BJP leaders and BJP followers continue to speak lies and they never understand the reality when it matters. The facts misrepresented with change of truth to lies. Liar, Liar; claimed once the Telegraph in their front page heading. The Telegraph went on to say that Nartendra Modi speaks lies whenever he opens his mouth. His tongue wags like a dog’s tail.

And he believes in criminal activities to run his business of politics along with Amit Shah and other BJP leaders. He was a Chaiwala (Tea-seller) and he’s the life-term member of the RSS (another terror group). And he never fits in the role of PM of India.

Chaiwala to Corrupt Criminal Politician

Scams and Narendra Modi’s criminal activities exposed again and again as experts demand his arrest. He’ll be punished even if the justice fails in the Supreme Court of India. Narendra Modi did not have the right to claim Babri Masjid as his Baap Ki Jaagir (Father’s property). And Kashmir as his target to trouble innocents to please the majority of the rich people.

He’s doing his criminal activities not just in Kashmir but throughout India. And so experts demand his arrest. He may not be arrested but will be punished sooner or later. Now, what he has to explain to prove his innocence with his lies. Lies can’t be added when you stand in front of proper justice.

Narendra Modi is illiterate and he has not taken the opportunities provided to him for educating himself. And to learn something better. What was in his mind when he was a Chaiwala makes his actions to speak and that will be exposed soon. A politician, who never benefited the people of his own country and selfishly gained luxury needs to be arrested soon.

Khalid M Raza

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