Hindu Women harassed as thousands of Hindu men not punished in India?

Hindu Women harassed as thousands of Hindu men not punished in India?

A story or a two goes unnoticed would make sense. However, everyday in India, Hindu women complaint only to Women socialist organizations for many of their problems. The Hindu Women harassed on large numbers everyday and thousands of Hindu men still free from punishments. The court never comes to the minds of the victims as Women organizations play a key role. The Women organizations try to unite the Hindu women and their husbands even though these “men” marry multiple women.

Rapes only highlighted if the media finds something interesting. And to make a headline report over this heinous crimes. Rapes do take place in India everyday. Hindu women troubled more. And one lady and several others also told us about their sad stories.

When we learned a dozen sad stories of Hindu men harassing their women, we wanted to release this report. Identical sad stories also shocked us a lot. Including harassment of women in particular, we want to address to the govt that thousands of Hindu men let free. No FIR against the culprits and no court’s punishments given as the crime over women in India increasingly shocking.

Many Hindu men marry two or more women and harass their previous wives and this is a menace that needs proper attention. Most of the women belonging to Hindu community troubled more and their husbands breathe peacefully. Hinduism does not allow two or more marriages without the divorce taken place of their previous marriages. But, most of the poor Hindu women still suffering as their husbands harass them a lot and marry multiple women. They work as maids and highlight their sad stories when their employers want to know about their issues.

Let’s Know About Hindu Women More…

Cuts and bruises often go unnoticed as Hindu men are still let free from punishments because they do so as poor people in India. Govt of India ignores the poor people in many aspects until the elections. And so why not the govt at least punish the culprits to curb the crime rate over women? Sadly, thousands of Hindu men are still unpunished over their heinous crimes. Is the govt nurturing criminals to make Hindus more brave to do any offense?

The policies of BJP horrible to know because they use to buy politicians, who commit crimes. You can find most of the politicians in BJP have criminal records. However, why women should suffer under these guidelines of the govt of India. No way. These are innocent women.

Their problems increasingly unacceptable as the women only reveal their issues when they get tortured more. They bear everyday atrocities from their drunk husbands. They should also live peacefully in India if India wants to favor the women in particular. The issues of women go unnoticed as the media only focused over business and more business. It’s a shame that India is against the poor women under the governance of BJP. Thus, it leads to rapes and more rapes of innocent women.

Khalid M Raza

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