Birthday wishes according to Islam, everything you must know this way

Birthday wishes according to Islam, everything you must know this way

Birthday wishes according to Islam never encouraged during the past and has become a debatable topic. You must know the answer to this question as why we must not celebrate Birthdays? It’s debatable because there’s no hadith or any statement in the Glorious Qura’n found to condemn the celebration of Birthdays. However, it’s an important topic but at the same time we must discuss more about it. It’s not a major sin to wish anyone in any other way upon his or her Birthdays to make him or her happy.

Birthday wishes according to Islam are not allowed and for what reason? Islam teaches the Muslims everything that needs to be followed to live a peaceful and happy life. So, if it’s mentioned in Islam to wish someone on his or her Birthdays then do go forward. However, it’s not mentioned in Islam to celebrate or wish Birthdays to anyone. You might be having too many doubts and those needs to be clarified.

Let’s know more about Birthday wishes according to Islam

For example, if you find something, which’s not mentioned in the glorious Qura’n and in Sahi Hadith then avoid that. Not drinking water while standing is good and Muslims should do that. But it’s not strictly followed in some situations, where he or she have to drink water while standing only. Learn More…

If you want to wish someone on his or her birthday then how would you do that? So, it’s better to avoid wishing someone on his or her Birthday. This is so because you can make anyone happy with many of your sweet words rather than falling in the trap of innovations.

A Bit More…

Islam is finalized and everything taught already to avoid innovations. The last & final Messenger of Allah is Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Many Messengers sent to the earth to different parts of the world and people started learning Islam. The final Messenger was sent just over 1400 years back. He’s Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and his teachings are for all the mankind until the day of judgement.

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Prophet Mohammed’s first message was to believe in the Oneness of Allah the Almighty. Worshiping the Creator strictly needs to be followed in the best possible ways as taught in the Glorious Qura’n. No one is allowed to worship the creations. All should worship the Creator and not His creations. So, whom do you want to please more than anyone? You have to please Allah the Almighty and follow a straight path.

Let’s not forget that we’ve so much do to than go with Birthday wishes according to Islam. There’s nothing mentioned according to Islam to wish anyone for his or her Birthday then it’s better to avoid. He or she will celebrate his or her Birthday and that will lead to major sins. This will be so because they’ll tend to practice in the ways of the disbelievers. Believers need to be cautious as the life of this world is short and also it’s a test.

Birthday Wishes According To Islam?

The purpose of life needs to be known. Disbelievers never worry about their life after death even though they fear death a lot. They say, life is short and it needs to be enjoyed and blah blah!

We’ve seen the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the Mountains etc. Are these not created like you and me? So, be thoughtful and bother not if anyone wishes you on your day of arrival to this world. Your intention should be not to hurt anyone, who wishes you on your Birthday. You must just ignore Birthday wishes and move forward to think about learning more about Islam.

What’s taught in Islam is right and what’s not taught needs to be avoided. For example, praying Salah five times is mentioned in Islam. And if you avoid praying Salah five times and do good deeds instead then you’re not following Islam in the best way. Your good deeds will be in vain if you intentionally avoid praying Salah to think that you’re good enough. So, is it good to be away from Birthday celebrations and Birthday wishes according to Islam ? Yes!

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