Kangana Ranaut appears on social media after longtime to discuss issues

Kangana Ranaut appears on social media after longtime to discuss issues

There’s many celebrities, who on Twitter have millions of followers and they keep on tweeting. Their followers increase on leaps and bounds. Kangana Ranaut appears on social media and on Twitter just recently. She’s now free to discuss her issues with the twitter community and with other social media platforms. She disclosed clearly that she chose Twitter because she wants to speak and interact with Indians. And it looks like she wants to discuss more about Sushanth Singh Rajput.

Kangana Ranaut wants the support from the people, who follow her and clearly warns those, who criticized her. She thought it’s a good time during the COVID-19 restrictions to be online on social media. However, Bollywood media criticized her and many of her co-stars disliked Kangana, who wants to talk more about Sushanth. Sushanth Singh Rajput was a well known Bollywood actor, whose sudden death was suspicious.

Police claim that he did suicide while others still want further investigation. This is so because the death of Sushanth was no more than a mystery. Kangana Ranaut also supports Sushanth Singh Rajput. And she has been discussing more about him and she chose Twitter to speak boldly.

She dismissed rumors that she as Kangana Ranaut wanted to join politics. And at the same time she believes to do healthy discussions.

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