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Weak minded people become arrogant or what when they get hurt?

Weak minded people become arrogant or what when they get hurt?

Indeed, Almighty Allah is merciful upon the weak minded people as they know not the directions of their lives. It’s clearly mentioned in the glorious Qura’n. You need to know the weakness and be supportive to the weak minded people. You’re here in this world to show your best character and need to learn more to adopt a better way of life. Whatever maybe the case, the weak minded people have something in their mind to say. But they do not express the way they want to. Their attitude might trouble you sometimes but most of the times they suffer a lot.

They used to suffer because they think differently as they have poor communication skills. These people wonder how they would live or struggle to be among those, who are praised all the time? They need encouragements in their lives to achieve something. The weak minded personalities do have enormous talents but that will be hidden until they get judged rightly. They suffer since their childhood because of their childhood friends making fun of them.

And as they grow up then the college life makes them much disappointed. They cannot do their hard work in a proper way though they used to be hard working. It means that they end up most of the time in depression. Thus, they’re special in some cases and in some cases they behave arrogantly when they get hurt more.

Weak Minded People & More

It’s worth to know more about the weak minded people, who achieved huge success later in their lives. They become scientists, doctors, engineers and achieve a lot in later part of their lives. Every fruit bearing tree is eye catching for your attention towards for grabbing the fruits. However, rest of the trees ignored.

Do you not feel that these trees at least give you shadows? So, be responsible and treat everyone with equality and do not be partial in the way of favoring only the VIPs. Let’s not forget that weak minded people have different mindset and different approach. If they never get motivation or encouragement then they would likely to suffer more.

Best way to deal with the people with weaker minds is that you need to understand what they want to say? In another section of this Website, you’ll find “best lyrics”. One of the song published for free reading in this online channel speaks volumes. Go through it and know more and just touch your finger here.

It’s better to understand the weaker sections than be judgmental. People taunt, make fun of, mock and discourage the weak from speaking upon their ideas. The matter will be solved if you listen to all and never underestimate the people with weak minds. You can smartly guide them in a proper kind way to stop them from any nuisance that they create.

If you never take the responsibility of supporting the weak minds then you’ll be even more responsible for they becoming arrogant. Their arrogance can lead to such an extent that they attempt suicides and you’ll be responsible for ending their lives.

Always be positive and live to let others live too.

Khalid M Raza

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